Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day again for Classified, I mean he's that guy, but I guess so is Mad Child (of Swollen Members). The amount of work that each has put down in regards to making a real living off the music they provide is beyond respectable.

Checking back a couple of Junos, Swollen Members have owned the new millenium of the B.R.R.

  • 2001 - Balance
  • 2002 - Bad Dreams
  • 2003 - Monsters in the Closet
  • 2007 - Black Magic (just recieved)
That's 4 out of 7 years since 2000 and a perfect 4 for 4 on releases!

What I find really sucks about this is that Classified has been the complete opposite. With nothing to show from all the quality that he has delivered. 11 official releases to be exact, dating back to '95. Hopefully, he's not waiting for his recognition of sorts from the Junos, espcially last year when it was destined to be dropped on Class due to hometown advantage. It makes more sense to just keep doing his thing, and doing it well.

Shoud there be a petition? cuz this is just disheartening and I'm not even Classified. Let me know what should do.


Just Spell My Name Right

Kardinal Offishall
Originally uploaded by Kev_s favorites....
I swear, noooobody can spell this guy's name. I should know, but I consistently question myself. Nice tryEngland.

Congrats to dude for being the newest label-mate of T-Pain.

Can someone confirm the spellage?


What.. Thee Album??

Juno weekend, in saska-ka-toon, and someone is going to get a Best Rap Recording statuette. No doubt, best of luck to those nominated, but not everyone cut an album. Considering, those buzz names that we all hear from somebody that claims the Prince, King, Heir to the throne of the northern state, we rarely get to indulge in a fully produced clip.

BTW - Brassmunk albums are in stores - The Fewturistic

I can't wait to get to the point where the business is put into the Canadian Hip-Hop game. Who really knows what an act is worth until they have a product that can be sold? Don't front like you don't know what I mean. I'm talking about a release with the ethics of Dead Prez, plan your work/ work your plan.
I bet the aspiring rapper / manager/ 'label' is reading this and calling out all the domestic artists that have released music through a respected distributor and have promoted their music and had a sales point for their album and saying.. 'psshhh they didn't go platinum'. Well, platinum is for the brave, and those are the artist that are comfortable to put out a piece of work for everyone and their mom's blog to criticize.
Just in my precious little opinion, let's see 2008 be the year of the album.
  • Take 2007 and get the sound right
  • Prepare your launch
  • Secure some finances
  • Do some paper work
  • Set realistic goals
  • Work until you get what you deserve

Lots of good artists + no full length offerings = Bad Biz and It Makes The Kids Cry.


It's....it's...it's...it's that ON TOP MUUUUUUUUZIK

Jumpoff aka Mouse bka Hi Haters aka Regular Joe aka Hustle and Flow bka Joe Budden is back at it again...
While waiting on a Budden album seems completely futile, it seems as if Joey is about to drop on the fans something they yearn for more. The 3rd installement of the MOOD MUZIK series mixtapes (although MM2 was more of a 'street album' format witht he amount of orignal songs on there), appears as if it is close to dropping. In a recent interview Joe Budden (NO 'S'!)stated that "it's coming sooner then you think. While this is the typical statement from most rappers wanting their buzz to stay high, it appears as if it may actually be on it's way. With a slew of interviews, radio appearances, and most importantly, NEW TRACKS/FREESTYLES dropping, it appears as if Joe is setting up that pre album/mixtape buzz. The internet's buzzin' about this new material dropping, and hoping that the Jersey City representative holds to his words in that MOOD MUZIK 3 will be better then number 2. Personally, MOOD MUZIK 2, is one of my favourite COLLECTION OF SONGS OF ALLTIME...Whether you want to call it a mixtape, or an album, I rank it in my top 3 of all time, without thinking twice. If the songs leaked so far are what Joey can give away from it before it drops, then I can see it actually topping the first two.
With songs already released such as OUTCAST, the heavy Metallica sampled UNFORGIVEN,and the BROKEN WINGS FREESTYLE, Joey gives us that heartfelt, introspective shit where he goes others are scared.
Continuing on with this trend, we get a look into the mind of this madman on MY LIFE.

Joe Budden - My Life


Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE

Yes Canadian artists drop albums.
I think the whole idea that videos are supposed to preceed albums, and then also follow them up is starting to stick with people in the scene. While there will will be those dropping random videos with no such album to follow it up, there is a STRONG, SOLID group of artists that have dropped a video, or will be shortly, to coincide with a 2007 release.
Here's a short, and incomplete list of albums that are expected to drop in the 07.

The Rawluck Movement - (self titled) - Urbnet / Honest Music
Rochester - Coming from the Cold - Maple Music/ FOUNDATION C.G.
Point Blank - (tbd??) - Tilt Rock Records / ( i think there is a major behind this)
Bishop Brigante - The Value of A Hustle - Bodog Music
Drake - (tbd???) - Universal (correct me if wrong)
Drex Inkredible - Honest Music - Honest Music
Saukrates - Coming 2077
BrassMunk - The FEWturistic - Viring Records
*feel free to add on to this list of who you are feeling and/or any other albums coming out which I have left off.

Check ya soon... P


Replacement Killers

Coming off an interesting weekend that included back2back 5a.m. post club snacks and a steady consumption of alcohol, I have to say there was a standout showing by 2 young urban spitfires. Drake & Trey Songz decided to film their video this weekend for 'Replacement Girl' in the video vixen capitol of the universe. My hometown! U can check the music on Drake's myspace.
There was a great party thrown @ Next Level on the shores of icy Lake Ontario by the boys @ Roundtable. There was also a live set by Trey Songz that included his hits. Personally, I think he has way more to offer than his mainstream hits, but hey. Soon after, Drake jumped in as they collabed for the upcoming video of the year... well.. we'll see how it goes. I got faith in 235 Films.


Shawty Wanna Ride?

A label that encourages gamblin addiction, a heavy work ethic, an ascending producer, a prime time feature from the latest R&B boy gives you our latest MP3.


Breakfast with Summer

This past weekend one of the harder working urban artist in Canada shot another video for his upcoming album "Music Starts with M". Malicious has dropped 2 videos over the past year, Heat Wave & Heavy M-T-L, that recieved consistent airplay on national video outlets (MuchVibe). Still a member of Offsides, Malish allowed RT! to work the wheel for the 3rd straight video taking over a grocery store for "Breakfast".

There must be some energy going with this new track because there's already a parody on youtube.Rotate your Screen&Enjoy:


6 Degrees of Nelly Furtado

nelly furtado
Originally uploaded by shamshungshinhdep.
If you really think about it, I mean, Victoria, B.C. native takes a chance to hit up Toronto. It's a flight that most people don't take in Canada never the less a residence change. So she did it. But my thing is, how many people has she met along the way.

Bringing me to my next point, to whatever effect, she has become a 'muse' to Timothy the Extraordinary. Serving as a killer 1-2 punch. Thinking if Nelly knows a few people, than Timbaland knows the population of a communist country. Therefore, if you're playing 6Degrees. From a canadian side of things, connect Nelly, the rest is Tarta de Pascoa.


Can U Feel The Pressure?

This is not a diss post, just a real post. I hope everyone can find the humour that I try to extend to the readers.

So I'm looking for another blog from Canada, Toronto to be exact. I remember this particular blog having a "Belly" behind the scenes video shoot on one of their posts. so I search the back links for youtube footage. No dice, but I start looking thru the related videos section, and these are the links I get.

Belly Dance
Ghetto Arab

Sorry Belly, it is what it is.
Oh... and if anyone knows related Toronto/Urban/Lifestyle blogs please comment.


Team Rock

Regent Park's Finest






Pump It Up!

Welcome to the world of DJ Pump, filled with random links to online entertianment, rocking shows, off-humor and amazing taste for music. I met this dude in 2004, and he asked me if I wanted to go digging in his hometown. I'm not a DJ, but after hearing his CDs, the digging pays off. He recently put together a mix for Jeepney Clothing break out brand that has an ecclectic mix of men's, women's and hats. Take this mix in. I mean mix, cuz he puts work to make this jump off. Also look out for Pump alongside Hedspin in their national FASTBREAK tour (Canada) from March 1-20.

Jeepney DJ Pump
Take in the Trackage:
1. Boomin In Your Jeepney Intro
2. Common – Resurrection (fantastic remix)
3. Be Break
4. Ahmad Jamal – Ghetto Child
5. The Light (dj pump break)
6. Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push (handle it version)
7. Linda Clifford – Never Gonna Stop
8. The Sylvers – Stay Away From Me
9. Rottin Razcals – Oh Yeah (be easy mix)
10. Slum Village – Get Dis Money (dilla fix)
11. J Dilla - Say It! (feat. Ta’Raach & DJ Exile)
12. Nicolay – I Love The Way You Love (feat. Darien Brockington)
13. Method Man – Method Man (dj pump remix)
14. Zhane – Hey Mr. DJ (dj pump version)
15. Zhane – Request Line (beatapella)
16. Dwele - I think I Love You
17. Musiq – ForTheNight
18. Q-tip – Official
19. Yesterday’s New Quintet – Uno Esta
20. Bobbi Humphrey – Uno Esta
21. Quantic Soul Orchestra – We Got Soul (rob life remix)
22. El Michels Affair – Glaciers of Ice
23. Jimi Hendrix – Little Miss Lover
24. Sly & The Family Stone – Life Of Fortune & Fame
25. The Roots – Game Theory (feat. Malik B)
26. Junkyard Band – Sardines
27. Pharaoh Monch – Body Baby
28. Consequence – Callin Me
29. Consequence – The Consequence (feat. Q-tip)
30. Jazzy Jeff – Whatever U Want (feat. Little Brother)
31. The Free Design – Don’t Turn Away (sharpshooters mix)
32. Giorgio Moroder – E=Mc2
34. Kanye West On J Dilla
35. J Dilla – Dilla’s World (still bangin’ in your jeep)
36. The Trammps – Rubber Band
37. Kool & The Gang – Fruitman
38. Martha Reeves - Sweet Misery
39. A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again (dj pump BKS remix)
40. J Dilla – Won’t Do
41. Kanye West – I Still Love H.E.R.
42. Kanye West, Nas, KRS-One, Rakim – Classic (dj premier remix)
43. Styles P – Testify
44. Talib Kweli & Madlib – Happy Home
45. Black Milk – So Gone
46. Nas feat. Snoop Dogg – Play On Playa
47. Marvin Gaye – After The Dance
48. Once You Get it Break
49. Steve Arrington – Nobody Can Be You
50. One Way – Don’t Fight The Feeling
51. Zapp – Heartbreaker
52. Slum Village – Give This Nigga
53. Musiq – Miss You
54. War – Sing A Happy Song
55. Ghostface Killah feat. Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good
56. Common /Will I Am – I Have A Dream
57. Common – Geto Heaven (dj pump remix)
58. Richard Holmes – Onsaya Joy
59. Weldon Irvine – We Gettin’ Down
60. Incredible Bongo Band – In A Gadda Da Vida
*BONUS TRACK *61. Linda Lewis – Old Smokey


Full Transplant from Half Life

Just got some amazing news. The team over at Half Life Records in Halifax are jumpin ship for 6 dates confirmed including SXSW in the same region. This should be a great year for these guys. I'm expecting a Juno for Classified. Not to mention the work being put in by The IV League, JC (the teacher), J-Bru & Mic B. BTW they are opening on Kev Brown's tour.

Here's the dates:

  • 3/11 - Kansas City MO
  • 3/13 - San Antonio TX - @ Kingston Tycoon Black
  • 3/14 - Austin TX (SXSW festival) @ Zero Degrees
  • 3/17 - Los Angeles CA
  • 3/21 - Sacramento CA
  • 3/22 - Salt Lake City UT

I'm sure they'll be feeling fine.


On Some Dave Chapelle Shit..Hilarious video

The artist formally known as Rikoshay, now known as Seazon has jus dropped one of the funniest, yet informative videos i've seen ever...or at least in a really long time.
This shit had me on the floor more then a porn star.
Check it out..and definately hit up his myspace to hear his other gems.


On the mic is Big L

RIP to a true Hip Hop legend, and one of the most lyrically imitated artists of the past decade.
Big L passed away, 8 years to this day (Feb 15th, 1999).
Known for his witty punchlines and multi-syllable flows, Big L's relevance to the game has not dimished in the years following his death.
Radio Interview

Big L - Devils Son (unreleased)



Originally uploaded by the.go.to.girl.
Take two steps into the game in T-dot and you will notice the girl.connected crew. Either by their visual appeal or their attention to B.I., they have been putting in the work for the better part of '06 and '07 is no diff.

Lissa is dropping the V.Day Edition of Girl..Interrupted series. Send that myspace message to get your copy. Between joints by R. Saadiq, Davina and Ne-Yo for the young bux this joint is certified to give ya mom grandkids. So If you are in the whip or gates w/ that somebody playing this and feel the urge, just make sure you suit up.


Rapping 4 Junos

This year was blah, meh, psh when it comes to Canadian hiphop. Well at the industry/retail level at least. So, when it comes time to make right what the Rascalz used to fight for, the category is at a loss due to the lack of actual recognized releases. Here's my beef how did a single get in the mix for best rap recording, and not a banger cross country genre smash, can you guess which one?

Arabesque - Frenzy of the Renown
Classified - Hitch Hiking Music
DL Incognito - Organic Music for a Digital World
Rich London f. Shantall - The Answer
Swollen Members - Black Magic

No Cadence, interesting. I guess press & tours don't hold the weight that they used to. Considering the Weapon situation they net buzz is also irrelevant. Hmm, flip the coin and wonder what the committee has to say.
See Ya In Saskatoon

Straight Out The Chi

Check out Damn Girl by DJ Pharris featuring Bump J, Twista and etc..

Syren Live

Straight out of Toronto, working hard in L.A. check for the island influenced Syren

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Back to the Future

The music here speaks for itself...
The track I want ya'll to look out for is BREAK IT OFF...
This track is only a day old...take in his other gems while on his site such as the street anthem "OUT HERE"..matter of fact..if you don't own his street album "OUT HERE" go pick it up at your local mixtape spot, or holla at him on his myspace...
Seriously though..this track is crazy..take it in...
In other Anarky news, there has been talk of Mayhem coming with a sequal to his classic mixtape, "BACK TO THE FUTURE". Anyone familiar with this work, should be anticipatin this more then R Kelly does recess. If you don't know?? YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY!!!
The skills is undeniable...

Stompin...in my Air Force Ones

Air Force One Anniversary
Kanye West, Nas, KRS 1, Rakim - Classic
Something to get you through your monday with a smile...

All 4 Tha Ca$h - ex-FACTOR

As Canadians, we have it pretty great.
Health care, OSAP, and then...the infamous Factor/Videofact and other countless grants for our countries musicians.
This whole ordeal has me cheesed though. Looking over recent recipients of these grants is an almost embarassing process.
A few of the artists who have been accepted for grants in the past year include:
Red 1 - marketing and promo (Factor)
Solitair - (videofact)
Swollen Members (videofact)
Kyprios - Loan (Factor)
Josh Martinez...WHO!?...ya that irrelevant guy from the westcoast is still taking money from doods that actually have a shot.
Kardinal - Video Grant (Factor)
IRS - New Talent Demo Award (Factor).

Now, obviously I can't hold any of this against the artists. If any one reading this had a 'reputable' standing with the grant acceptance juries, and knew they would continue to get FREE money, why wouldn't they apply. The problem obviously though, lies within the way these programs are run.
Let me start with the most baffling of all.
NEW TALENT? Umm...uhh...umm....hey..maybe Dream Warriors will get the next one.
Ok...I can't even continue on that one.
Now look at the other names, all but one have been in the game for 10+ years.
I thought the point of these was to ensure a brighter future for Canadian music and help Canadian musicians reach new levels of stardom...
Guys like Josh Martinez know their role, and im sure don't expect to compete with the K-os' etc, but then why are we taking money that could be going to one of the countless up and coming talents and keep pumping it into the same artists who continue to fail to make even a dent in the scene year after year.

Swollen Members and Kardinal Offishal getting cake for throwin together videos is not a good look either. Regardless of if you are feeling their music or not, Swollen have showed great independance in being able to more then sustain themselves on the global market, and Kardi has penned a deal with Konvict Music...so WHY is he still getting money that he doesnt NEED to put out videos.

This has been more of a rant then anything else.
All that being said, I have no beef with the aforementioned artists, its just boggling how a system that is designed to help Canadian talent flourish has been misguided in certain decisions that could have really benefited the future of this countries music scene.

I wish those artists all the best, but if you been in it 10+ years, you either ain't gonna blow, or you don't need the $.

In The Dope Spot Playin' Madden

"When Electronic Arts ships their new “Madden” football video game, each song on the game will receive over seven hundred million spins in the first six months. …Compare the number of spins per song on the game with potential radio spins, and you see that these songs are being heard on video games more than the no. 1 record in America is being heard on radio over the same time period." - Kusek and Leonhard, Future of Music, p. 69

The Blueprint of a Donut

Aren't we all in search of the perfect mash-up.
Enjoy... courtesy of the good people @ Fader


Night @ The Guv

My Saturday was banal, at the best. T-Dot mediocrity. Went to a seminar, saw some movies, had some convos about what people need to do to get it poppin in the rap game. Decided that was draining me, I went to grab food, had an inkling of what I was gonna do that same evening. But until a convo with a girl connected changed the direction of the night. I went to see A-Trak's DJ set @ D'Luxe in the Guvernment.

Good thing I've been in the game long enough to have broken bread w/ the potentially mean bouncers of the Guv. Breezing through to the lounge, I met up with upcoming mogul/rapper Chris S who provided a video release of his new track "Clap 2 This" featuring vet, G Wunder.

Clap To This

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Waiting for the A-Trak set gave me a chance to survey the room. Imagine 19yr old suburban kids who came out for a Girls Gone Wild night. Scenesters with the latest streetwear choosing to spend a grip on a 24 of Heineken @ the bar instead of a bottle - BRILLIANT. Then the A-Trak DJ fans who seemed like it was the first time out of their basement in years.

4 Korners wrapped up their set and swapped powerbooks w/ A-Trak letting him get into a tight set juggling Justin's "My Love" and then getting into one of his older sets with Weezy's "Go DJ". Quickly getting out of the technical stuff saying:
It makes me feel weird when guys are watching me instead of moving on the dance floor. Let me get into the club stuff!

I had to get moving but I still heard MTL's A-Trak moving into his mix of electro hip hop, mashes and remixes. Sounded hot, good thing I left because it seemed that noone else was into the progressive set.. really. Hopefully this night layed the foundation for things to come with dope DJs that can play great music that might not be restricted by current popularity.


I Need Graf Y'all

Straight up,

this looks bland as tundra.
this page needs sexy time.
don't get preoccupied with layout.
just some dope elements that will make this blog stand up like a trick dog

If it's worth the dough, we break bread.

Wack Artist Get What They Deserve

Straight up, I'm tired of Ray-J and Nick Cannon taking the hottest women in hollywood and downgrading them. Here's the latest. She's hot like piss.. muahahaha
Now here's the question, do the wack canadian artists get more love than the doper?
Please comment...

Time's Up?

Every wondered what a day in the life of Choclair might be like?
Ya..didn't think so...talk about relevantly irrelevant.

At any rate one of Canada's longest standing rappers, Choclair has released a new track..."WHAT I DO", bringing you into a day in the life of the "Sauve Dawg".
Well Choclairs' basic rhymestyle has grown about as much as Michael Jordan's hair length over the years...theres no denying the vibe to this track.
He was laced with a feel good, 'end of winter/spring" vibe on this one, and rides the horns nicely.

The track does its job. It's a very enjoyable listen, and if it was cut by about 60 seconds I could see it making a nice follow up single.
Hey, if 30's the new 20, Chocs jus may have a chance to keep the listenership of some for his 5th release.

you can check it out at www.myspace.com/choclair

Beef is Played like a High Top Fade

Woke Up this morning to a text message:

Yo! Fifty got that Cam dis video up online

then an msn:
Cam dot dissed yo
50 Got him

then another msn:
That 50 diss was weak, i'd rather watch Scrubs

So with that being what it was, I didn't view the video. So I'll be left out of many a irrelevant convo. Now, when 50 & Cam get down, it's cute to them cuz they already have that cake mix. Know how to bake and take. But, when the guys who haven't perfected the cake mix try to step it up to preparing beef it comes out all rubbery.

I'm just saying, the worst thing is someone fucking with your money. That includes distractions, so if you are a rapper/artists and someone is distracting you from making a living. Take some responsibility to your pockets and stack more or else the beef can realistically make cake. I've never heard any chef puttin beef in cake..

Shameless plug w/ Subject reference


Who's Typin' Weight?


HeavyWeight is good for a boxer not a model chick

Weightloss is good for Jenny Craig but life and death for a D-boy

Wether it's quality or quantity, everyone is valued in their weight in words...



A really dope site...
Think of a myspace/facebook type deal but just for music.
Go to
www.mog.com and sign up for free. There's all kinds of headings for you to fill in, or you can download a widget that will update your site automatically from whatever you are playing in your iTunes. Things like "Top Artists This Month", or "Top Songs This Week" etc make up a few of the categories. You have the option of deleting any of the sections you want, or creating any of your own. The whole point is, that you create your site, then click on the "find mogs like mine" link. That will direct you to other peoples with similar musical tastes. Use it to find out about new artists, or some you might have missed out on. You can even add people to your trusted Mogs and keep checking up on whats bumpin in their pods.
Check it out and leave some comments lettin me know watchoo think.
If you need an example, peep mine http://mog.com/ProJekSiun/edit .
- P

Weight In Words

My Lifestyle Weighs A Ton...(word to Safari).
And words create my lifestyle.
Nee is Weight in Words.
It is what it is.
It is a collection of my thoughts, and the deliberations of others. It's all relating to the Hip Hop lifestyle...some call it urban, but its not. Its really a universal lifestyle, from Def Jam to Dairy Products, from Hicktown to Harlem...We dun taken over.

Here's the skinny on it all, let me *bricky-bricky*-break-it-down for ya'll.
- Daily MP3's
- Video Posts
- Daily news updates regarding Hiphop (strong focus on the Canadian scene)
- Event listings and reviews
- Album, Mixtape, Song reviews...
- and probably a few spelling errors
- and a lot more..it'll come as it comes.

The First MP3 Post...
some will be exclusives..some will be old gems, new gems, classics, slept on joints, canadian, america, european, asian, whatever's whatever...

Here's Cormega - Introspective

Updated daily..so bookmark it and stay tuned...
- P


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