Back once again, it's the INCREDIBLE

Yes Canadian artists drop albums.
I think the whole idea that videos are supposed to preceed albums, and then also follow them up is starting to stick with people in the scene. While there will will be those dropping random videos with no such album to follow it up, there is a STRONG, SOLID group of artists that have dropped a video, or will be shortly, to coincide with a 2007 release.
Here's a short, and incomplete list of albums that are expected to drop in the 07.

The Rawluck Movement - (self titled) - Urbnet / Honest Music
Rochester - Coming from the Cold - Maple Music/ FOUNDATION C.G.
Point Blank - (tbd??) - Tilt Rock Records / ( i think there is a major behind this)
Bishop Brigante - The Value of A Hustle - Bodog Music
Drake - (tbd???) - Universal (correct me if wrong)
Drex Inkredible - Honest Music - Honest Music
Saukrates - Coming 2077
BrassMunk - The FEWturistic - Viring Records
*feel free to add on to this list of who you are feeling and/or any other albums coming out which I have left off.

Check ya soon... P

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