It's....it's...it's...it's that ON TOP MUUUUUUUUZIK

Jumpoff aka Mouse bka Hi Haters aka Regular Joe aka Hustle and Flow bka Joe Budden is back at it again...
While waiting on a Budden album seems completely futile, it seems as if Joey is about to drop on the fans something they yearn for more. The 3rd installement of the MOOD MUZIK series mixtapes (although MM2 was more of a 'street album' format witht he amount of orignal songs on there), appears as if it is close to dropping. In a recent interview Joe Budden (NO 'S'!)stated that "it's coming sooner then you think. While this is the typical statement from most rappers wanting their buzz to stay high, it appears as if it may actually be on it's way. With a slew of interviews, radio appearances, and most importantly, NEW TRACKS/FREESTYLES dropping, it appears as if Joe is setting up that pre album/mixtape buzz. The internet's buzzin' about this new material dropping, and hoping that the Jersey City representative holds to his words in that MOOD MUZIK 3 will be better then number 2. Personally, MOOD MUZIK 2, is one of my favourite COLLECTION OF SONGS OF ALLTIME...Whether you want to call it a mixtape, or an album, I rank it in my top 3 of all time, without thinking twice. If the songs leaked so far are what Joey can give away from it before it drops, then I can see it actually topping the first two.
With songs already released such as OUTCAST, the heavy Metallica sampled UNFORGIVEN,and the BROKEN WINGS FREESTYLE, Joey gives us that heartfelt, introspective shit where he goes others are scared.
Continuing on with this trend, we get a look into the mind of this madman on MY LIFE.

Joe Budden - My Life

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