What.. Thee Album??

Juno weekend, in saska-ka-toon, and someone is going to get a Best Rap Recording statuette. No doubt, best of luck to those nominated, but not everyone cut an album. Considering, those buzz names that we all hear from somebody that claims the Prince, King, Heir to the throne of the northern state, we rarely get to indulge in a fully produced clip.

BTW - Brassmunk albums are in stores - The Fewturistic

I can't wait to get to the point where the business is put into the Canadian Hip-Hop game. Who really knows what an act is worth until they have a product that can be sold? Don't front like you don't know what I mean. I'm talking about a release with the ethics of Dead Prez, plan your work/ work your plan.
I bet the aspiring rapper / manager/ 'label' is reading this and calling out all the domestic artists that have released music through a respected distributor and have promoted their music and had a sales point for their album and saying.. 'psshhh they didn't go platinum'. Well, platinum is for the brave, and those are the artist that are comfortable to put out a piece of work for everyone and their mom's blog to criticize.
Just in my precious little opinion, let's see 2008 be the year of the album.
  • Take 2007 and get the sound right
  • Prepare your launch
  • Secure some finances
  • Do some paper work
  • Set realistic goals
  • Work until you get what you deserve

Lots of good artists + no full length offerings = Bad Biz and It Makes The Kids Cry.

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