Replacement Killers

Coming off an interesting weekend that included back2back 5a.m. post club snacks and a steady consumption of alcohol, I have to say there was a standout showing by 2 young urban spitfires. Drake & Trey Songz decided to film their video this weekend for 'Replacement Girl' in the video vixen capitol of the universe. My hometown! U can check the music on Drake's myspace.
There was a great party thrown @ Next Level on the shores of icy Lake Ontario by the boys @ Roundtable. There was also a live set by Trey Songz that included his hits. Personally, I think he has way more to offer than his mainstream hits, but hey. Soon after, Drake jumped in as they collabed for the upcoming video of the year... well.. we'll see how it goes. I got faith in 235 Films.

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