All 4 Tha Ca$h - ex-FACTOR

As Canadians, we have it pretty great.
Health care, OSAP, and then...the infamous Factor/Videofact and other countless grants for our countries musicians.
This whole ordeal has me cheesed though. Looking over recent recipients of these grants is an almost embarassing process.
A few of the artists who have been accepted for grants in the past year include:
Red 1 - marketing and promo (Factor)
Solitair - (videofact)
Swollen Members (videofact)
Kyprios - Loan (Factor)
Josh Martinez...WHO!?...ya that irrelevant guy from the westcoast is still taking money from doods that actually have a shot.
Kardinal - Video Grant (Factor)
IRS - New Talent Demo Award (Factor).

Now, obviously I can't hold any of this against the artists. If any one reading this had a 'reputable' standing with the grant acceptance juries, and knew they would continue to get FREE money, why wouldn't they apply. The problem obviously though, lies within the way these programs are run.
Let me start with the most baffling of all.
NEW TALENT? Umm...uhh...umm....hey..maybe Dream Warriors will get the next one.
Ok...I can't even continue on that one.
Now look at the other names, all but one have been in the game for 10+ years.
I thought the point of these was to ensure a brighter future for Canadian music and help Canadian musicians reach new levels of stardom...
Guys like Josh Martinez know their role, and im sure don't expect to compete with the K-os' etc, but then why are we taking money that could be going to one of the countless up and coming talents and keep pumping it into the same artists who continue to fail to make even a dent in the scene year after year.

Swollen Members and Kardinal Offishal getting cake for throwin together videos is not a good look either. Regardless of if you are feeling their music or not, Swollen have showed great independance in being able to more then sustain themselves on the global market, and Kardi has penned a deal with Konvict Music...so WHY is he still getting money that he doesnt NEED to put out videos.

This has been more of a rant then anything else.
All that being said, I have no beef with the aforementioned artists, its just boggling how a system that is designed to help Canadian talent flourish has been misguided in certain decisions that could have really benefited the future of this countries music scene.

I wish those artists all the best, but if you been in it 10+ years, you either ain't gonna blow, or you don't need the $.

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