Time's Up?

Every wondered what a day in the life of Choclair might be like?
Ya..didn't think so...talk about relevantly irrelevant.

At any rate one of Canada's longest standing rappers, Choclair has released a new track..."WHAT I DO", bringing you into a day in the life of the "Sauve Dawg".
Well Choclairs' basic rhymestyle has grown about as much as Michael Jordan's hair length over the years...theres no denying the vibe to this track.
He was laced with a feel good, 'end of winter/spring" vibe on this one, and rides the horns nicely.

The track does its job. It's a very enjoyable listen, and if it was cut by about 60 seconds I could see it making a nice follow up single.
Hey, if 30's the new 20, Chocs jus may have a chance to keep the listenership of some for his 5th release.

you can check it out at www.myspace.com/choclair

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