Rapping 4 Junos

This year was blah, meh, psh when it comes to Canadian hiphop. Well at the industry/retail level at least. So, when it comes time to make right what the Rascalz used to fight for, the category is at a loss due to the lack of actual recognized releases. Here's my beef how did a single get in the mix for best rap recording, and not a banger cross country genre smash, can you guess which one?

Arabesque - Frenzy of the Renown
Classified - Hitch Hiking Music
DL Incognito - Organic Music for a Digital World
Rich London f. Shantall - The Answer
Swollen Members - Black Magic

No Cadence, interesting. I guess press & tours don't hold the weight that they used to. Considering the Weapon situation they net buzz is also irrelevant. Hmm, flip the coin and wonder what the committee has to say.
See Ya In Saskatoon

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