Weight In Words

My Lifestyle Weighs A Ton...(word to Safari).
And words create my lifestyle.
Nee is Weight in Words.
It is what it is.
It is a collection of my thoughts, and the deliberations of others. It's all relating to the Hip Hop lifestyle...some call it urban, but its not. Its really a universal lifestyle, from Def Jam to Dairy Products, from Hicktown to Harlem...We dun taken over.

Here's the skinny on it all, let me *bricky-bricky*-break-it-down for ya'll.
- Daily MP3's
- Video Posts
- Daily news updates regarding Hiphop (strong focus on the Canadian scene)
- Event listings and reviews
- Album, Mixtape, Song reviews...
- and probably a few spelling errors
- and a lot more..it'll come as it comes.

The First MP3 Post...
some will be exclusives..some will be old gems, new gems, classics, slept on joints, canadian, america, european, asian, whatever's whatever...

Here's Cormega - Introspective

Updated daily..so bookmark it and stay tuned...
- P

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