A really dope site...
Think of a myspace/facebook type deal but just for music.
Go to
www.mog.com and sign up for free. There's all kinds of headings for you to fill in, or you can download a widget that will update your site automatically from whatever you are playing in your iTunes. Things like "Top Artists This Month", or "Top Songs This Week" etc make up a few of the categories. You have the option of deleting any of the sections you want, or creating any of your own. The whole point is, that you create your site, then click on the "find mogs like mine" link. That will direct you to other peoples with similar musical tastes. Use it to find out about new artists, or some you might have missed out on. You can even add people to your trusted Mogs and keep checking up on whats bumpin in their pods.
Check it out and leave some comments lettin me know watchoo think.
If you need an example, peep mine http://mog.com/ProJekSiun/edit .
- P

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