Beef is Played like a High Top Fade

Woke Up this morning to a text message:

Yo! Fifty got that Cam dis video up online

then an msn:
Cam dot dissed yo
50 Got him

then another msn:
That 50 diss was weak, i'd rather watch Scrubs

So with that being what it was, I didn't view the video. So I'll be left out of many a irrelevant convo. Now, when 50 & Cam get down, it's cute to them cuz they already have that cake mix. Know how to bake and take. But, when the guys who haven't perfected the cake mix try to step it up to preparing beef it comes out all rubbery.

I'm just saying, the worst thing is someone fucking with your money. That includes distractions, so if you are a rapper/artists and someone is distracting you from making a living. Take some responsibility to your pockets and stack more or else the beef can realistically make cake. I've never heard any chef puttin beef in cake..

Shameless plug w/ Subject reference

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